San José residents are working harder than ever – and we deserve a government that works as hard as we do.

That’s why Matt is organizing a re-election campaign for Mayor of San José to demand common sense at every level of our city government.

We have big problems facing our city – starting with an epidemic of street homelessness, rising crime rates, a lack of affordable housing, a growing scarcity of water and traffic gridlock.

The people of San José have always embraced common sense. We know what has been done to address homelessness isn’t working – we can see it with our own eyes. We know our roads are crumbling, we can feel it when we drive over potholes. We know our city has never been dirtier, sadly some days we can literally smell the problem.

We deserve better. And we can do better. But it will take a revolution of common sense to make sure government is working as hard as we do.

That’s just common sense! 

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