Endorse MATT

Endorse MATT

Matt is proud to have support from every corner of our city. Thousands of our neighbors have joined Matt’s revolution of common sense. Join them and add your name today!

Matt is Proud to Have Support from:

Community Leaders

Aiko Fadness, Carson, District 2 

Alain Mowad, Vistapark, District 2

Allan Jones, Oak Canyon, District 10

Anand Ganesh and Sofia Lozano-Pollares, Willow Glen,
District 6

Andreana Popovich, Almaden, District 10

Andres Solomonoff, Edgeview, District 8

Ann Ravel, Former Chair of the Federal Election Commission (FEC)

Anna Russo, Willow Glen, District 6

Antonina Ettare, Hyde Park, District 3

Arman Chapa, Dorsa-Miller, District 5

Barry Newman, Oak Ridge, District 10

Becky and Bob Durstenfeld, Stonegate West, District 7

Beth Hughes, Fruitdale, District 6

Ben McDermott, Kettman-Pomeroy, District 8

Bijan and Sharareh Rafizadeh, Country View Estates, District 10

Bill Bragg, Rose Garden, District 3

Bill Sullivan, Santana Row, District 1

Bob Carlson, Dry Creek, District 6

Bob Dhillon, Sikh Community Leader

Bob Pfahnl, Hensley, District 3

Bonnie George, Almaden Hills Estates, District 10

Brian Bertacini, Lone Hill Highlands, District 9

Bryan Ward, Noddin, District 10

Captain Tuan That Ton, Rangers

Chad Morrissey, Canoas Garden, District 10

Charmaine Smith, Rose Garden, District 6

Chris Knight, Parkview, District 2

Cindy Vinson, Hyde Park, District 3

Colleen O’Leary-Kelley, The Villages, District 8

Colonel Dien Thanh Nguyen, Navy

Cynthia Summers, Doerr-Steindorf, District 9

Dan Murphy, Avis-Cherry, District 6

Daniel Maurice, Carlton, District 9

Daniel Silva, Cimarrón, District 5

Darryl Ospring, Coyote-Fontanelle, District 2

Dave Noel, Erikson, District 9

David Farkouh, Lincoln Glen, District 6

Dazhi Chen, Calabazas South, District 1

Debbie Anderson, Julian-St. James, District 3

Deborah Baker, Yerba Buena, District 7

Diana Muzyka, Carson, District 2

Dinh Bui, Ramblewood, District 5

Donna Dring, Ryland, District 3

Dmitri Conom, College Park, District 6

Dustin Yoder, Willow Glen, District 6

Elaine Thaler, Crossgate, District 10

Emily Lansing, Winchester Orchard, District 1

Eric Texeira, North Willow Glen, District 6

Ernest Gargo, Canoas East, District 10

Ethiopian American Council

Faye Garcia, Midtown, District 6

First Lieutenant Luong Thanh Nguyen, Marine Corp

Gail Dance, Orchard Creek, District 10

Gary Rummelhoff, Shadowbrook II, District 10

Gene and Nancy Reis, Ryland, District 3

George Colacicco, Parkview, District 2

Gilne Desales-Tosco, Clayton North, District 5

Gordon Poole, Northside, District 3

Gratia Rankin, St. Leo’s, District 6

Greg Lippman and Zsofia Madi-Szabo, Luna Park, District 3

Greg Peralta, Garden Alameda, District 6

Hans and April Halberstadt, Naglee Park, District 3

Hella Bluhm-Steiber, Alderbrook, District 1

Hon. Raymond J. Davilla, Jr. Superior Court Judge (Ret.)

Izzac Khayo, Palmia, District 10

Jaime Leanos, Canoas Garden, District 6

James Schwab, Carlton, District 9

Jan and Ed Maisen, Parkview, District 2

Jane Thompson, Glen Crest, District 10

Jeanette Kaliska, Everydale-Neimen, District 8

Jeff and Allison Schoch, Carlton, District 9

Jeff Gordon, Orchard Creek, District 10

Jim and Denise DeLong, Shadowbrook II, District 10

Jim Schultz, Downtown, District 3

Joe and Silvanna Gentzkow, Willow Glen, District 6

Joel Zizmor, Orchard Creek District 10

John and Jill Leipelt, Basking Ridge, District 2

John Callan, Canoas Garden, District 6

Jose Siman and Alicia Ross, Vendome, District 3

Joseph Di Salvo, Member of the Santa Clara County Board of Education

Joseph Mayen, Carson, District 2

Josie Supencheck, Vistapark, District 2

Joyce Miller, Comanche, District 10

Julie and Melvyn Matsushima, Paseo, District 3

Karen Lewellyn, Lincoln Glen, District 9

Karen Prowd, Montevideo, District 10

Katherine Cronan, Pierce Ranch, District 10

Katie and Thomas O’Keefe, Palm Haven, District 10

Karl and Kelley Hawkins, Doerr-Steindorf, District 9

Kelly Hyland, Lincoln Glen, District 9

Kent Anderson, Almaden, District 10

Koshy and Sheeba George, Crossgate, District 10

Larry Camuso, Shasta-Hanchett, District 6

Laura Fujikawa, Glider, District 10

Leah Cuellar, Luna Park, District 3

Lieutenant Colonel Nhon Huu Do, Special Forces

Linda Tsai, Sakamoto, District 10

Lisa Strugula, Cahalan, District 10

Lois Matusow, Lincoln Glen, District 6

Fellow Duc, Military Cadet

Fellow Soldier Duc Huu Do

Fellow Soldier Long Dang

Lucy Crawford, Willow Glen, District 6

Lydia McClure, Shadowbrook II, District 10

Lynnea Hagen, Naglee Park, District 3

Matt Taylor, Naglee Park, District 3

Maria Colosi, Carson, District 2

Mariana Damian, Eden, District 1

Marilee Kline, The Villages, District 8

Mark Williams, Market-Almaden, District 3

Marylou Avanzino, Deer Run, District 2

Meera Desai, Almaden, District 10

Michael Fitzgerald, Olinder, District 3

Michele Dexter, Sunrise Almaden, District 10

Michelle and Ted Glogovac, West Santa Teresa Foothills, District 10

Mick Greco, Canoas Garden,
District 6

Mike Kriege, Country Lane, District 1

Mylinh Nguy, Willow Glen, District 6

Nancy Hauge, Downtown, District 3

Narges Aghasardar, Valley View-Reed, District 9

Nathalie and Ed Lambert, Lincoln Glen, District 6

Nelson Rodriquez and Robin Myers, Glenview Serenity

Nicky Hornstein, Almaden Meadows, District 10

Officer Binh Van Nguyen, Paratroopers

Officer Bui Dinh, Paratroopers

Officer Du Huu Le, Paratroopers

Officer Kiet Tran Phan, Paratroopers

Officer Hai Van Le, Air Force

Officer Ham Truong, Armored Cavalry

Officer Hinh Nguyen, Police Special Force

Officer Hung Minh Do, Political Welfare

Officer Nhu Duc Nguyen, Strategic Technical Directorate

Officer Thi Le, Da-lat Academy Graduate

Officer Tho Dinh Le, General Secretary

Pamela Cheng, Edenvale, District 10

Pamela and Robert Mahowald, Rose Garden, District 6

Paul and Leslie Dornell, Almaden Meadows, District 10

Peggy Fitzgerald, Naglee Park, District 3

Rakesh Ranjan, Almaden Springs, District 10

Rebecca Sanchez, Hyde Park, District 3

Ria Bradbury, Hidden Glen South, District 10

Richard Theron, Carlton, District 9

Roark Clayton and Gil Mendez, Meridian-Pedro, District 6

Roberta Witte, English Estates, District 1

Ron and Linda Wilson, Martin-Fontana, District 10

Ron Liu, Wooside of Almaden, District 10

Rikhi Jain, Rose Garden, District 3

Sandy and Ken McMaster, Leyland Park, District 10

Serafim and Tina Mendonca, Guadalupe Oak Grove, District 10

Scott and Karen Sherwood, Graystone of Almaden, District 10

Scott and Megan Polhemus, Dentwood-Southbridge, District 9

Scott Brown, Avis-Cherry, District 6

Sharan Grewal, Communications Hill, District 7

Shilpi and Rohit Agarwal, Carlton, District 9

Silicon Valley Chinese Association

Stephanie King, Sakamoto, District 10

Stephen Plechaty, Cadwallader, District 8

Steve and Anne Samuel, Orchard Creek, District 10

Steven Coan, Glenview Serenity, District 10

Steven Perotin, Doerr-Steindorf, District 6

Sue Williams, Lincoln Glen, District 6

Suja Viswesan and Vijay Sankar, Carlton, District 9

Summer Henderson, Glider, District 10

Sunming Kong, Vinci South, District 4

Susan Lu Schmuelling, Graystone, District 10

Susan Porter, Palm Haven, District 6

Suzanne Cistulli, Willow Glen, District 6

Tony Schwee, Booksin, District 6

Terry and Cecille Reilly, Rose Garden, District 3

Thanh Lequang, West Santa Teresa Foothills, District 10

Tina Morrill, Ryland, District 3

Tom Lascher, Dartmouth, District 9

Tom McEnery, Former Mayor of San Jose

Vandana Kadam, Oak Canyon, District 10

Vicky Xiao, Shadowbrook I, District 10

Vivian Hurst, Glider, District 10

Vo Dep, Paratrooper

Walt Johnson, Martin-Fontana, District 10

Alton and Wanda Wong, Basking Ridge, District 2

Weston Little, Hamann Park, District 1

Yang Shao, Fremont Councilmember

Yijun Qiao, Communications Hill, District 7 

Business Leaders

Cindy and Jeff Faulkner, Co-Owners, Valley Heating 

Danny Moran, President, Corporate Signs Systems

Dan Warmenhoven, Former CEO, NetApp

Dustin Yoder, CEO, Sureify

Jason Rodriguez, Vice President, Hewlett-Packard

Jeff Zell, President, Zell Associates

Jim and Suzanne Salata, Co-Owners, Garden City Construction

Jonathan Padilla, CEO, Snickerdoodle Labs

John Sobrato, Founder and Board Chair Emeritus of the Sobrato Organization 

June Tran, Owner, Crema Coffee

Kevin Jiang, General Manager, Greentech Solutions

Mike LaBarbera, Owner, Terracommercial Real Estate

Mike Sarimsakci, CEO, Alterra Worldwide

Robert Braunstein, Executive Producer, 49ers Cal-Hi Sports

Shawn Milligan, Managing Member, Milligan Land Company

Steve Milligan, CEO, Western Digital

Steve Tablak, CEO, GeneWEAVE Biosciences

Vishal Verma, Managing Partner, Edgewood Ventures

Current & Former Elected Officials

Ann Ravel, former Chair of the Federal Elections Commission and Chair of the Fair Political Practices Commission

Chuck Reed, former Mayor of San Jose

Dolores Carr, former District Attorney of Santa Clara County

Madison Nguyen, former Vice Mayor of San Jose*

Ron James, former Mayor of San Jose

Sam Liccardo, Mayor of San Jose

Tom McEnery, former Mayor of San Jose 

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