Sign Our Petition:
No Raises for Politicians Without Results

Sign Our Petition: No Raises for Politicians Without Results

Election season is here – and already we are hearing promise after promise from the politicians running for Mayor.

Don’t believe them. At least don’t believe them unless the candidates give you a clear plan on how they are going to deliver. Without that – it is just another political promise like so many we have heard before.

Matt knows the key to making change is making sure everyone is accountable for results – starting at the top. And that’s why he has introduced a bold accountability program that holds our city’s elected officials and top department heads accountable for results. 


Matt's plan is simple – unless we can prove we are making progress on reducing homelessness, cleaning the streets, reducing crime and on other key quality of life priorities – there will be zero raises for the elected officials or department heads.

After founding a technology company that gave millions of citizens the tools they need to hold their government accountable, Matt ran for City Council in 2020 on a pledge to shake up City Hall. And one of his first actions was to suggest we introduce this kind of basic accountability to city government. The response shocked him. Basically, he was told – “that’s not the way things work.”

Well, it is the way your job probably works. If you can’t meet basic goals, you don’t get a raise. That’s common sense.

In case you hear that Matt’s plan is unprecedented – it is not. A few years ago the State of California was notorious for virtually never passing a state budget on time. And then the citizens fought back and passed Prop 25 – requiring that if the legislature didn’t deliver a budget on time, the legislators wouldn’t get paid.

Guess what happened? Every budget since that basic accountability measure went into effect has been on time.

We love our city – we just want it to work better. We need our city (and county and state) government to do a better job transitioning the homeless off the streets, cleaning our city and making every neighborhood safe.

But to get the job done – we need basic accountability at the top.

Please Sign Our Petition – No Raises for Politicians Without Results