New Poll Shows Your Work is Paying Off – As Matt Becomes One of Two Frontrunners in the Race for Mayor

All your hard work is paying off! A new public opinion survey from one of America’s leading pollsters show Matt is now one of the two front-runners in the race for Mayor, ten points ahead of his nearest rival for the run-off election.  As you may know, the top two finishers in the June primary election advance to the run-off in November.

The survey of 587 voters completed last week shows Matt now at 17 percent, Raul Peralez at 7 percent, Dev Davis at 5 percent while long-term incumbent Cindy Chavez begins the race at 27 percent.

While this is very good news for sure – the best news of the poll is we see what happens when we knock on every door and reach every voter with Matt’s message of accountability, common sense and change.

After hearing brief and positive descriptions of the candidates, the kind of descriptions voters will read in their ballot handbooks, Matt is supported by 29 percent of voters, Dev Davis is supported by twelve percent and Raul Peralez by 8 percent with Chavez topping out at 32 percent.

This poll is telling us – if we get our message out, we will advance to the November run-off virtually tied with a long-term incumbent who represents the status quo.

But we need to make sure we can print the mailers and fund the messaging that reaches every San José voter.

Want to help? You can keep us surging by making your contribution right here.

Our survey was conducted Feb. 24 – March 1, 2022 by the prestigious survey research firm FM3. They completed 587 telephone and online interviews in English and Vietnamese with randomly-selected likely June voters in San José. The margin of sampling error for the study is ±4.0% at the 95% confidence level.

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You Did It!

you Did It!

While this has been the longest period of vote counting in recent memory, we need to remember that we have also just seen the highest number of votes cast for mayor in our city’s history. The count as of today now shows our campaign for common sense will win a majority of the votes. This has been a long and hard-fought campaign. But what unites us as a city is much more powerful than any divisions from a political contest.

I have just spoken with Supervisor Chavez and appreciate her most gracious concession in the true spirit of our robust democracy. I congratulate Supervisor Chavez on her strong campaign and I hope to work with her closely in the years ahead to address the challenges facing San Jose. We all want our city to be safe, to prosper, and our mission is to work together for common-sense solutions to end street homelessness, fight crime more effectively, make our city more affordable, clean up San Jose and hold ourselves as elected officials accountable for results.

I want to send my gratitude to every single voter who cast a ballot for our campaign or for Supervisor Chavez. Your vote was thoughtfully cast and your voice will be heard. And I want to personally thank our incredible volunteers and the 40,000 San Jose citizens who joined our campaign for common sense. You built one of the most powerful grassroots campaigns that this city has ever seen. It was your work that made this victory for common sense possible. 

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