It’s Just Common Sense – San Jose Shouldn’t Pay More on Homelessness So Cities Like Palo Alto Can Pay Less.

It's Just Common Sense – San Jose Shouldn't Pay More on Homelessness so Cities like Palo Alto Can Pay Less

67.2% of Santa Clara County’s homeless population lives in San Jose – a number far above our percentage of the county’s overall population.

We all need to do more to end street homelessness, but San Jose should not have to pay more so cities like Palo Alto, Los Gatos and Los Altos can pay less.

That’s why I am fighting for a Fair Share Plan and I am asking for your support. A key part of our plan is fighting back against other cities that adopt policies that drive their homeless populations to San Jose, like banning RV parking only to see those RV’s driven to San Jose. 


As Mayor I will send those cities a bill to pay for the services they have avoided and work to make sure every city (and the whole state) is doing its fair share.

Our plan to end street homelessness includes building safe and decent housing at a fraction of the nearly $1 million per door price tag that current policies adopted by Santa Clara County propose. By using pre-built “tiny homes” placed on land the local government already owns we can build enough housing to end street homelessness and link housing to services and jobs. Our plan to hire the homeless to clean up our neighborhoods so they can literally work their way off the streets should be expanded. We will fight for a return to common sense on mental health policies, with facilities that will help speed up recovery. We will make sure those who are a danger to themselves or others are required to use this treatment.

My opponent, County Supervisor Cindy Chavez is running for Mayor in part on her record of “leadership” on our homelessness crisis.

But after 9 years on the Board (and nearly 20 years in public office), her leadership means San Jose hosts more than our fair share of Santa Clara County’s homeless population. We host up to 50 percent more homeless per capita than cities like Palo Alto, Los Altos and Los Gatos. 

Every city should do their fair share. But if other cities drive homeless to San Jose, I will send those cities a bill requiring them to pay for those services. It’s just common sense – San Jose should not be required to pay more so Palo Alto, Los Altos and Los Gatos pay less.

It’s time to hold everyone accountable.