There are Two Democrats Running for Mayor. What’s the Difference?

I’m Matt Mahan, one of the two Democrats running for Mayor of San José. The other Democrat is Supervisor Cindy Chavez. We are both 100% pro-choice. We both support sensible gun laws. We both support protecting the environment. So – what is the difference? Supervisor Chavez has been in office more than 20 years and […]

Trump-Backed DeBartolo Family Floods Money Into Campaign for Politician Cindy Chavez

One member of the DeBartolo family was pardoned by Donald Trump for giving $400,000 to an elected official. Now the DeBartolo Corporation supports politician Cindy Chavez with at least $400,000 in the hotly contested race for Mayor of San Jose. San Jose – New financial filings show the DeBartolo Corporation, the billionaire developers that own […]

We Can End Street Homelessness by Holding Everyone Accountable

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By: Matt Mahan Too many politicians in California seem to have given up on actually solving our homeless crisis and instead have resorted to desperate, and losing, attempts to manage it. And what’s even worse is that too many politicians have essentially given up on the people living in our streets, creeks and parks – […]